Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Donna's Mexican Swedish Weaving Afghan

This is Donna's latest afghan, still far from done but so darned beautiful that I had to put a photo in this blog.  Donna is a relative newbie to Swedish weaving...just a couple of years...but she took to it with gusto.

Donna is another "Christie", doesn't necessarily follow advice but ends up doing her own thing and it turns out just gorgeous. This is the mark of a true artist!  This pattern is from a booklet that I don't have but did make a copy so I can use myself.

Donna loves brilliant colors and isn't afraid to combine them in the yarns she uses.  One thing she plans to do on this afghan that had me and Faye screaming, "NO!!!" is that she wants to put in a black and white border on either side of the above pattern.  She's stubborn, though (like Christie), and intends to try it, anyway.  I feel she can always pull it out if she doesn't like it but, if she does, then it's her afghan and she can do anything she wants if it pleases her.  I'll take more photos when she's finished.

Faye, Donna, and I meet for an afternoon of Swedish weaving every Tuesday while I'm home in Canada.  It really helps to have get-togethers like this because it's the best way to learn new ideas about our craft.  We chat non-stop, too, so it's a nice social event.