Monday, August 8, 2016

Not The Best Pattern

My plan was to weave a lovely turquoise variegated yarn on white monks's done but I'm not thrilled with the pattern.  The third photo shows how the yarn can get lost in part of the pattern and that's why I'm disappointed.

Also, I always tell my students to be careful when using variegated yarn because too long a strand of one color shows up too distinctly on your project.  I didn't follow my own advice and bought this gorgeous variegated yarn that had maybe a yard of one color.  I ended up cutting the worst string of it off but that is a terrible waste of yarn.

I have another runner to make but I'll use a different pattern.  The two pieces are far enough away from each other that no-one but me (and you) will ever know.

By the way, the pattern is Avery Hill's "Blue Ridge Mountains".