Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some Information

I don't have a huge following but it makes me feel good if even one person gets something out of this blog.  It's so important for us Swedish weavers to share information, projects, and styles.  One of my followers contacted me and gave me the website of a lady named Dawn who sells, among other things, monks cloth in a variety of colors.  Her website is and I will definitely be placing some orders once I get to Florida this winter.

It's become more difficult for S.W. to purchase monks cloth in colors since Walmart stopped stocking it.  Joann's Fabrics will order it for you but you have to order a bolt of the same color.  Dawn will sell a single yard if that's what is wanted so I'm glad to have found her.  Her prices seem fair, too.

Now, I don't know Dawn and am not trying to drive up her business but I'll continue to pass on any information that will help Swedish weavers.