Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jake's Swedish Weaving Afghan (finally!!)

I started Jake's afghan last summer but moving out of a house into an apartment took up so much of my time that I've finally just finished it.  Jake is my American grandson so I thought it fitting to use the white monk's cloth with red and blue yarn for the design.  I used various border designs instead of one complete one.  I'd seen the fringe done like this in someone else's afghan and thought it was a pretty way to incorporate the colors used in the body of the afghan.

I also chose to use the thicker and courser RedHeart yarn because I didn't want the finished product to look too feminine.  My preferred yarn is the "Simply Soft" which I'll probably use exclusively from now on, though.

It's so satisfying to finish a product and send it off to it's new owner.  I always think of the person it's for as I'm working on it so each stitch is filled with loving thoughts.  Jake has said he's happy to be getting it and I'll never know if he's just being a polite 15 year old boy but I do hope he thinks of his Gramma when he sees it.