Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Christmas Table Runner

This is another Christmas table runner but, again, my photo color is a little off.  The yellow monks cloth is actually a soft shade and not intense as shown.  I used only green and red for the design and adjusted the pattern to suit what I wanted.  

I have to admit that I made a horrible mistake with this runner.  I completed the whole pattern on one side before doing the other side and then, somehow, left out part of the pattern.  I had to pull out about 2 hours worth of work but then decided to change the pattern instead of repeating it.  I had lost interest and heart and just wanted to finish it and put it away.  We all have moments like this where we make a stupid mistake because we aren't rechecking our work.  Sometimes it's an easy fix and sometimes it just has to be removed and redone.  If this had been an afghan that was half finished, I would have removed the mistake and redone it properly but it's not so important with a table runner.

Lesson learned and relearned...always check and recheck your work.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Christmas Table Runners

I sell jewelry at my local senior center in November and decided last year to take some of the Swedish weaving table runners I'd made.  They were a big hit but many people asked if I had any that were in a Christmas theme.  I didn't but promised to bring some this coming November.

The photos show 3 that I still have to sew the edges but the pattern is complete.  I've used existing patterns but put my own twist on them...very simple to do.  My photos don't show the monks cloth colors properly but the first runner is on a light green cloth, the second is on beige, and the third is on a soft yellow.  My photography skills are certainly lacking, aren't they?

Anyway, I used only Red Heart yarn because it gives a nice full texture.  I usually prefer Simply Soft but decided to go for the heavier yarn for these runners.

I'm also working on another afghan but like to stop once in a while and work on something smaller and easier to handle...like a runner.  I have a lot of monks cloth remnants that I bought specifically for table runners and, because they were remnants, they were sale priced.  Always check out the remnant bin at any fabric store because you might find some good savings.