Monday, April 28, 2014

Ruffle Scarves

I ran out of Swedish weaving work to do before I left mistake I had taken down a monks cloth remnant instead of a full piece and decided to wait until I came home before starting another project.  The above is what I did when I couldn't Swedish weave.

Jo is a Swedish weaver who also does other crafts and she taught a few of us how to make ruffled scarves.  I'm not much of a knitter but these are so easy to make.  You use 1 skein of Red Heart metallic Sashay (my favorite), cast on 5-8 stitches and it makes a scarf approximately 5+ feet long.  You have to leave spaces between each stitch and that's what creates the ruffle.  Instructions are on the skein wrapping.

This is a fun and fast craft to do inbetween Swedish weaving projects which can take months or, for some, years to complete.  I've made quite a few of the scarves and given them to family and friends.  Normally, I can't stand to wear a scarf but I will make just one for myself...a gorgeous turquoise one!