Friday, November 21, 2014

Lisa's Afghan

The first two photos are of the afghan I made for my friend, Lisa.  She just bought her first house and her favorite colors (requested) are grey and pink so I used 2 shades of grey, a medium pink and a burgundy to kind of spice it up.  The monks cloth is white.

The last two photos are of a table runner I added to the stock I took to the craft show on Saturday and it was one that was sold.  It's ecru with the pattern done in 2 shades of green.  I had a lot of people request more Christmas colors than I took with me so I'll have to make some runners with reds or greens for next years sale.

When it comes to table runners, I realize I'll have to forget about my penchant for bright, mixed colors because people seem to want a more subdued runner to blend in with their own room colors.  I just might settle for using only white or ecru cloth, too.