Friday, May 26, 2017

Christmas Runner

I like to prepare my fabric pieces all at the same time.  For instance, if I have various sizes of white monks cloth, I'll machine stitch the ends of each piece and then wash and dry together.  In this instance, because I was doing so many pieces, I neglected to machine stitch one end and now have loads of lint on each piece of fabric.  Note to self...double check!!!

Most of the pieces from this lot will be table runners and I'll just have to use my little lint remover plus individually pluck off any remaining lint by hand.  A little time consuming but I really should have been more careful when I was preparing the cloth.

I've started one Christmas table runner and am using the Caron Simply Soft Party which has a glitter thread running through it.  Something I've learned is that you must use an extra long piece of yarn for each row because the glitter strand will begin to unravel on the end.  Other than that, it's very nice to work with.

I've barely started the runner but wanted to warn of the unraveling.  I'll post a photo of the finished project. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017


It's finally finished and I think it turned out kind of pretty.  I believe any patterns on this beautiful turquoise fabric would look nice, though.  This isn't a project I'm particularly proud of but I am glad I completed it the best way I could and that someone will enjoy owning it.

Now on to the next project!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

CSW Afghan Almost Done

I've finished the "crazy Swedish weaving" afghan except for the hemming and I really like it.  The patterns I used are nothing I'd normally use but, when you run low on yarn, you do the best you can.  Most of the patterns came out of  my imagination as I tried to deal with the mess I'd created at the start and make it look halfway nice.  I'll post a photo of the completely finished afghan soon!  

My next project will be some Christmas table runners using the Simply Soft Party yarn.  It has a glitter that I'm looking forward to seeing on the finished items.