Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just a Note

I was held up getting to Florida this year because I needed a spot of skin cancer removed.  Once removed and cleared for travel, my daughter ,Cindy, and I drove down to Florida where I promptly got a bad cold that turned into bronchitis.  That makes me housebound until I'm not contagious anymore.  Our little Swedish weaving group here at the park will continue without me so I'm sure to have some lovely photos of their projects in a few weeks.

Being housebound doesn't mean I'm going to be too bored because I have my own Swedish weaving project to work on and also getting back to selling on Ebay.  As with any illness, the stamina won't be there to keep me weaving for hours at a time but that's one of many beauties of Swedish weaving...we can work on it for only 5 minutes if that's all the time we have.

At this moment, in our little park, there are many crafty ladies working on their projects.  I can't wait to show their work to you!