Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just A Note

One of the ladies in our Swedish weaving group came to me with a problem.  She couldn't center one of her patterns and couldn't understand why.  I looked it over and also couldn't find the cause...this irritated me no end because I knew it must be staring me in the face but I couldn't see it.

We tried for a while until I got fed up with it and suggested she bring it to our next get-together so we could have some of the other weavers look at it.  She did and, sure enough, one of the ladies solved the problem.

This is the value of joining a Swedish weaving club.  What one person can't solve, another one can.  We also learn new techniques from each other to further our craft.

I've been kind of lazy this winter and haven't put in much time on my own project.  I took time out to learn how to make infant toques on a little plastic loom I found at Joann's Fabrics.  It's nice to have these little projects to occasionally turn to because making a Swedish weaving afghan is a lengthy process.

Swedish weaving is still my craft of choice and I do enjoy it more than any other but my Florida winters don't leave me a lot of time to spend on it.  I do more Swedish weaving when I'm back home in Canada for the summer.

I'm sure the afghan I'm presently working on will be finished quickly once I get back home but, for now, the Florida sunshine and warmth offers more interesting choices for me to do.