Friday, May 17, 2013

Kyle's Swedish Weaving Afghan

This is my latest afghan that I made for my grandson, Kyle.  I used light blue monks cloth with mostly variegated blue yarn.  For the small diamonds I used solid white and solid turquoise blue.  I used Avery Hill's "Tilting Blocks" pattern although I improvised the filler diamonds which I think turned out very interesting.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photos Coming Soon

I'm still using very old Kodak digital cameras and now have to wait for delivery of batteries from China...I can't find them anywhere here.  I've finished Kyle's afghan but won't give it to him until I can photograph it for the blog.

I've begun work on a Swedish weaving afghan I started about 2 years ago but put aside to work on a different one (I think the one for Tyson).  I wasn't thrilled with the colors that I used and decided today to rip most of them out and insert a different color altogether.  We spend so much time completing an afghan that it doesn't make sense to continue with something we don't like.  I don't mind one bit the lost time because I'll be happier with it when it's done.

Many of the ladies who do Swedish weaving take a year or more to finish one and I always remind them that it doesn't matter one little bit what length of time it takes as long as you're enjoying the process.  I get a lot more work done, too, when I'm by myself because the group sessions are often more about socializing than actually working.  Both are good for the soul so we just enjoy ourselves involved in whichever activity we choose.

In any case, some very pretty photos will be inserted in this blog once my camera batteries arrive.