Friday, January 9, 2015

Donated Baby Blankets

A gentleman's relative passed away and he donated tons of her quilting fabric to our sewing group.  Lillian and Sandy are the two ladies who organized our sew-in yesterday and we made a total of 7 baby blankets to donate to the police department where they'll be used to comfort abuse or accident victims.  I don't know when I've spent an afternoon feeling so good about accomplishing such a good deed.  

Lillian came up with the idea and it made so much sense for us to get together and do this for charity.  We're all retired ladies with lots of time and some darned valuable abilities, too.  Some of us also attended the Swedish weaving get-together in the morning and then came back to the clubhouse to make blankets in the afternoon so it was a full day of creativity!

If any of my blog readers are interested, baby blankets are seriously needed by all police departments.  When a child is removed from a home of abuse or one who is involved in an accident, it would be so comforting for them to be wrapped in one of these blankets at the scene.  The blankets can be simply made with 2 pieces of fabric and the satisfaction you'll get knowing how useful they'll be will warm your heart!