Sunday, August 23, 2015

Swedish Weaving Table Runner

This is a table runner that took me most of 2 days to finish.  Only people who do Swedish weaving understand how long it takes to complete a project and, when we sell one, we can never be paid enough to make it profitable.  I get my enjoyment from doing the work and seeing the completed project.

The fabric is a light sage monks cloth (my photos haven't captured the true color) and the yarn is Simply Soft deep salmon, light salmon, and medium yellow.  I used part of the "Musical Melodies" pattern on page 89 of Avery Hill's "The How To Book of Swedish Weaving and Huck Embroidery.  I use this book a lot and often alter the pattern to serve my purpose.

By the way, you can use huck embroidery patterns for your Swedish weaving.

I also prefer shorter fringe on a table runner as opposed to the longer fringe on an afghan but everyone should use their own judgement and do what appeals to them.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Small Project

Every so often I pull out one of my remnants and just do a small project of Swedish weaving.  I had this piece of turquoise monks cloth that I'd cut off another piece of prepared fabric, not quite square at 15 1/2" x 17 1/2", and decided to finish the'll notice one side of fringe is different from the other because it was originally washed and dried before I recut it.

I used a variegated purple yarn and did a very simple border, improvising at the corners because the piece wasn't square.

It will make a nice doily for under a plant or vase.

Since I just finished a full afghan today, I will take a few days to decide on the fabric and yarn colors for my next project.  

Latest Project

I finally finished the afghan I've been working on since the winter.  The fabric is white monks cloth and I used Simply Soft green, purple and golden beige for the yarns.  I mixed and matched various borders, too.

I happen to love the effect of green and purple and one of my favorite filler yarns is the golden beige.  I'll put this afghan in the craft sale in November but if it doesn't sell I'll keep it for myself.