Sunday, April 24, 2016

Loom Spun Newborn Hats

In our Swedish weaving group at the Florida park, some of the ladies prefer to do other crafts and this one caught my interest.  It requires a small plastic loom (available at Joann's Fabrics) and takes very little time or yarn to complete a tiny newborn hat for donating to your local hospitals.  I used some of my leftover yarns so the cost is minimal, too.

The loom is similar to what we used to do as children using the wooden spindle from thread and putting nails in the top to wind our yarn around.  Out the bottom came a knitted coil that we could use for whatever...I'm not sure I ever used the ones I made for anything, though.  With the new plastic loom (different sizes available), it's really easy to make these little would use a larger one for larger hats.

I just like to have a simple craft on the go that I can turn to instead of always doing the Swedish weaving.  

Joann's Fabrics also has a little doodad that is supposed to make perfect pom poms but I found it cumbersome so I used my own method of winding yarn around my fingers, tying it in the center, and clipping the ends to make a very good pom pom.