Monday, December 12, 2011

More of Delores's Afghans

Here are two more afghans made by Delores. She certainly does beautiful work, doesn't she?

Picture #1 is the first afghan she ever made and she kept this one for herself. She used turquoise monk's cloth and Red heart yarns in purple, pink, and white. The pattern is "Christalline".

I remember seeing her choices of color before she started this afghan and, at the time, I thought they might look a little too garish but the finished project is absolutely beautiful. Dolores is a colorful lady!

Picture #2 appears to be a work in progress. Dolores is making it for her daughter-in-law, Katie, and has chosen the "Precious Gem" pattern. She's using Bernat Satin yarns in Wine Mist Heather, Rouge, and Banana on hot pink monk's cloth.

I just want to make a comment about the Rouge yarn. It is very deceiving because it can be used with other shades that you might think clash with it but it ends up looking beautiful anyway. I used it with a couple of shades of peach/salmon and was surprised how well it fit in and even enhanced them.

I hope our efforts encourage Swedish weaving wannabes to take up the craft. It's a beautiful craft and it's also open to allowing you to use your own imagination in creating one-of-a-kind projects.

Dolores's Afghans

It's so nice to be back in Florida so I can publish pictures of the other ladies' projects. Dolores brought me photos of what she had at home so I re-photographed them to put on the blog since I don't have a scanner down here.

Picture #1 is one she made for a friend (Ann) for Christmas. She did it in the "Marquis" pattern and used beige monk's cloth with Bernat Satin yarns in Forest Mist Heather, Fern, and Soft Fern.

Picture #2 is the same afghan but it shows the full pattern and also the embroidery just above the fringe.

Picture #3 is one she made for her step-daughter, Sarah, for last year's Christmas. It's also in the "Marquis" pattern on light green monk's cloth. She used Bernat Satin yarns in Forest Mist Heather, Beige Mist Heather, and Banana.

Picture #4 is the very first Swedish weaving table runner she made. I'm not sure from the photo but it looks like she used white monk's cloth. The Red Heart yarn is a variegated pink/purple/etc.

Picture #5 is another table runner done on peach monk's cloth with Red Heart variegated yarn in greens and sandy shades.