Sunday, November 27, 2016

Started Nick and Bev's Afghan

I started Nick and Bev's afghan a couple of days ago and sort of chose the patterns as I went along.  I love to mix and match and alter to suit my purpose so I'm not sure if I'm finished adding a pattern yet.  What you see so far will be repeated until the afghan is finished.

I chose a white monks cloth with teal, dark charcoal, and medium grey yarn because the colors in their home are fairly muted.  The one major difference is a huge picture of a teal flower which sits above the sofa in the family room.  That is where the afghan will live.

I was a little concerned that the teal color might not show up enough against the greys but it seems to fit in just fine.

I enjoy making an afghan with the recipient in mind because I weave a lot of love into it.  I hope they feel that love as they cuddle in it this winter.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Making a Border Design

I made this little placemat for my make-up table, using ecru monks cloth and a burgundy yarn.  You can make perfect corners if you count the floats carefully but I chose to make do with a piece of cloth I already had prepared so my corners are not perfect.  This was a larger piece of fabric that I cut in half and that's why the fringe on one side has been laundered and the other side won't be as soft until it's washed again.