Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Donna's Swedish Weaving Afghan

Since Donna started this magnificent afghan, I've been saying it is the happiest one I've ever seen.  The colors are outstanding and I know I'll have to make one just like it in the near future.

When she first began, she checked out all the patterns and then decided to just use the colors shown in the know how different colors are used to define each line?  It was such a smart choice because the end result is the most beautiful Swedish weaving afghan I've ever seen.

Donna used every color in the fringe but said this took so long that she wouldn't do it again.  I think the effect is terrific, though.

Since our first afghans, we've all evolved to using less lattice and smaller lattice, choosing instead to combine many different border designs that work well with the main pattern.  Donna went a step further, using only a lot of different border designs with no main pattern.  It gives the afghan a truly unique look.  Just beautiful!!