Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rainy Thursday Crafts

We started our Thursday morning craft class for Swedish weaving but it's so nice that there are people there now who do other crafts as well.  The first and second photo is of a crocheted flag that Marge made and it's so creative.

Photo #3 shows Candy and Sandy at work on their Swedish weaving and also Cassie's hairpin lace project to the left.

Photo #4 shows Jo, Cassie, Linda, ?, and Cathy at work.  Linda is the hairpin lace expert and she's busy teaching a new lady.

Photo #5 shows Marge and Angie working on their projects.  To the right is part of Sylvia's project.

The hairpin lace strips can be made into scarves or afghans and they are so beautiful that I plan on having Linda teach me next year.  I'll only make a scarf or two, though, because Swedish weaving is still my favorite craft.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Candy and Jo's Latest Creations

Because I'm mainly computer illiterate, every little change that websites or my server throws at me is devastating.  It takes forever for me to figure out the new way to do what I used to do the old way.  I've been having trouble trying to post pictures on the blog lately but have just rediscovered how to do it.

The first two photos are of Candy's latest Swedish weaving afghan and the third is of Jo's.  Both ladies are accomplished weavers and always create beautiful afghans.

Keep watch for more to come!