Monday, June 6, 2016

Pastel Afghan Done

I'm done...and now it's a lap afghan.  I never intended for it to look like a baby afghan but that's what happened because of the pastel yarns I used.  It's pretty but not my favorite!

The ends I cut off are more than wide enough for table runners so there is no waste here.  It was a difficult decision to make because I'd been working on it for so long but I'd long ago stopped enjoying it.  That's unusual with Swedish weaving because it's usually a joy to watch it grow.

My friend, Donna, is experiencing the same lack of interest in the afghan she's been working on forever so it's a good thing we can at least make lap afghans out of our project.

There is only one other project that I stopped enjoying and that was the green tablecloth I made for my friend, Mary.  It was for Christmas and I only wanted to weave a border around it but I decided to use green yarn on the green cloth.  I don't think I'll ever do that again but it did turn out beautifully.

Anyway, now I'm on to my next project and you can bet it will be with vividly colored yarns.


  1. Your afghans are beautiful. I am also in Canada and on facebook as well. I love doing Swedish Weaving.

  2. Hi Franny: I hope you enjoy the blog and even contribute to it. It's important for us Swedish weavers to educate each other on new techniques and knowledge of the craft.

    Where do you live in Canada? I'm in the Hamilton, Ontario area.