Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Swedish Weaving Items

These are a few runners that I already have in my house and that were made within the last few years.

Picture #1 is on my coffee table and I used an ecru fabric with purple heather and pink yarns.

Picture #2 is a very small one. The fabric is ecru and the yarn is a burgundy and green variegated.

Picture #3 is a runner that is on the diningroom table but the color hasn't shown up very well. I used a sage fabric with lilac, ivory, and golden beige yarn. I really love this combination of colors.

Picture #4 is one of my first runners and it's on the diningroom buffet (notice the sunshine streaking through the window). It is done with white fabric and what looks to be the same burgundy and green variegate yarn I used in picture #2.

When I first started doing Swedish weaving, I loved using the variegated yarn. I don't use too much of it anymore but it still makes a beautiful project so I'm thinking of doing a complete afghan with it sometime soon.


  1. I was surfing the Web for a different table runner pattern and came across your wonderful blog! (And I have already forwarded the site to the group I weave with during the winters in Texas-about 12 people). I was wondering where I could find one of the patterns. Dated 08/27/2011. The table runner on ecru fabric with variegated burgundy and green colors. I've tried to map the pattern but I'm not having any good luck. Can you help me, please.

    1. Those were done quite a while ago but I think the pattern came either from the "Diamond" booklet or one of the larger Avery Hill books. I also tend to mix and match my patterns when I'm weaving.
      I'm so happy you like the blog. I'm not the best Swedish weaver in the world but I have a great love for the craft. Most of my weaving is done at the RV park I stay at when I winter in Florida. We have a nice group of Swedish weavers there and we've had a lot of fun learning new techniques from each other.
      Welcome to my blog!