Friday, April 14, 2017

Adding to an Original

I made this afghan for my daughter, Kim, quite a while ago when her bedroom walls were a dark blue.  She's just completely redone the room in dusty rose walls with white trim and a white comforter so she asked me if it was possible to add some dusty rose to the afghan.  Of course it is!

So far I've added a dusty rose yarn to some of the bare spots but I'm worried it isn't enough to show up.  I do see a good opportunity to add more in the second photo and that should be enough.

When I got the yarn to the finished border, I wove it through and under, then brought it back underneath about 6 floats to anchor it (bottom photo).  This is how we used to anchor the ends so I know it will hold up well in the wash.

What a lovely craft this is! 


  1. Love the colors and busy design

  2. Thank you! Adding to a completed project means you have to do a lot of compromising.

  3. Instead of weaving it through the back, how about pulling it through the hemmed edge and out - leaving it as fringe.

    After all is done, run a machine stitch all around to lock in the fringe.

  4. I didn't want a fringe on the side and I think it's locked in well the way I did it. I considered machine stitching but don't think it's necessary this time. Thanks for the suggestions, though. I hope I don't have to add to a completed afghan again...this was hopefully a one time thing.