Monday, April 17, 2017

Yarn Choices For Swedish Weaving

I put out a call to Swedish weavers to let me know what brand of yarn they use and received the following:
Red Heart Acrylic, Caron Simply Soft, Caron Simply Soft Party (glitters), Hobby Lobby (didn't leave me a name, though), Patton Canadiana, Red Heart Soft Baby, Red Heart Love, Bernat Satin, and Yarn Bee Soft Secret.

My preference has been Caron Simply Soft but I've used the Red Heart and Patton, too.  One of the ladies posted a photo of a project she did with the Yarn Bee that looked lovely.  I really want to venture out and try some new yarns and thought maybe other weavers would feel the same way.

One lady mentioned she doesn't like the Simply Soft because it seems to unravel as you work with it and I'd noticed that also but with every yarn I've used.  Now I twist the needle every so often to tighten the yarn.  A few ladies didn't use the Simply Soft because they felt it got fuzzy after a while.  This is something I've noticed too and that's why I want to try some different brands.

I would love it if any of this blog's readers would comment on the yarns they use.  Any and all information is welcome! 

Just a note for Canadians:  It's a simple fact that we pay more for both fabric and yarn here in Canada than in the States but I found that Len's Mill Store's prices are even better than buying in the States and they have a huge selection of yarns.  I don't know how many of those stores are around but there is one in Stoney Creek, Ontario and I know there are at least a few more scattered in southern Ontario.

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