Saturday, April 29, 2017

Finding a Group

I got a message from a lady in Tampa who is looking for a Swedish weaving group to get together with.  I suggested googling to find one but it would be nice if one of my Tampa readers could send me information.  I told the lady that it isn't necessary to be in a group to learn and improve our craft but it certainly is a lot more fun being with people who love it.

When I first started Swedish weaving I thought I didn't need hands on instructions and that was true but it took me longer to learn.  I was lucky to have a neighbor in my Florida park who took the time to speed me up.  Even with my fumbling start I loved the craft from the very beginning, though.

There are a few Swedish weaving pages on Facebook that I follow, too.  People post photos of their work and ask for advice so it's very informative.  Swedish weaving is much more popular in the States than Canada simply because of the cost of supplies.  Our costs in Canada can easily be double what they are in the States.  If a Canadian visits the States they can use the opportunity to buy their supplies at a better cost to them and that's what I've done.  Right now our dollar is not good against the U.S. dollar so it's possible it's cheaper today to do our buying in Canada.

Here are a couple of Facebook pages on Swedish weaving: "Swedish Weavers Around the World" and "Christine's Swedish Weaving"....there are probably lots more but so far I only follow these two.

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